Access Gateway 5.0 – No support for mobile receivers!

By | November 11, 2010

As mentioned in my previous blog, we are running Access Gateway 5.0 in our production environment. In this environment we also want to use iPad’s with the Citrix Receiver and use Windows Receivers on laptops outside the office. So I tried to configure a Citrix Services site to be accessible via the Access Gateway to mobile devices. I used the same methods as with Access Gateway 4.6, but after some hours of trying different configurations and googling, I found out that mobile receivers are not supported by Access Gateway 5.0! What? Citrix is bringing a device to market which does not support the devices they have a big focus on. Mark Templeton must be disappointed with his iPad he was so enthusiastic about it in Berlin.

It is not mentioned directly on the Citrix site, but in the forums this is answered by Citrix ( Quote: ” There is currently no support for the mobile receivers in AG 5.0 – it is expected at the end of the year, and will require an update to both the Gateway and to the Receiver.”

So we are now back on Access Gateway 4.6 and rather disappointed.