The Citrix Receiver paradox

By | November 5, 2010

Citrix is promoting the use of the Receiver. The Merchandising server offers a nice solution to manage all the connecting devices, even the ones that you don’t manage, like home use pc’s. With Dazzle, the use can look for his own applications. With XenDexktop 5 this even will get better. You can add a workflow in the application request.

So we are using the Receiver on every device and also implement this at customers. Some customers are using Apple Mac, Apple iPad and Samsung Tab with the Receiver and are very happy with it.
But here comes the paradox. When you are using two factor authentication, the receivers for iPad and iPhone must authenticate at an Access Gateway instead of authenticating at the Citrix Services site. But when you are also using receivers for Windows, they must authenticate at the Citrix Services site, because they don’t support Access Gateway authentication. I think it’s time for Citrix to put the same functionality in every receiver.