Web Interface 5.4 – Install and configuration

By | December 8, 2010

Citrix has released the new Web Interface 5.4. This is included with XenDesktop 5.0 and also available as a separate download for use with XenApp. I installed the new Web Interface as a replacement for our 5.3 version. I started with a bare install of Windows Server 2008 R2 and then inserted the XenDesktop 5.0 dvd and selected Web Interface and the license server. I was nice surprised that the installer handled all the prerequisites and also opened the firewall for me. This is really an improvement.

From the wizard I was asked the address of the XenDesktop controller. Two sites where created automatically for me. Additionally I created a new site for XenApp. When I logged on, I noticed there were multiple differences.

First of all, the layout and colors are different. This will match with the layout of the new Access Gateway 5.0. But I also noticed the automatically generated web site was branded as XenDesktop and the new created site was branded as XenApp. I took me some time to find out. In de webinterface.conf file of the corresponding site, there is a line; UserInterfaceBranding=Applications. Change this to; UserInterfaceBranding=Desktops if you want the XenDesktop branding.

When I started a session from the XenDesktop site, I got a Desktop Viewer toolbar, but when I started a session from the XenApp site, I did not get a toolbar. I really like the toolbar to resize my session. You can turn on the toolbar by editing the webinterface.conf. Add or change the following line; ShowDesktopViewer=On. The webinterface.conf file is the place if you want to change layout properties that are not included in the gui console.