Citrix Receiver and Self-Service Plug-in

By | January 7, 2011

Citrix has released a new plug-in, the Self-Service plug-in. This is a replacement of the Dazzle plug-in. We are really happy with the Dazzle solution in combination with the Merchandising Server, and so are some customers of us. Especially BYOC users, for example Apple Mac, can shop for their own applications and put them in the start menu or dock. So I wanted to try the new Self-Service plug-in.

Before you can use it, you also need to install Delivery Services. This name is really confusing, because Citrix is using the name Delivery Services for multiple solutions. It seems that you have to install the new Delivery Services 1.0 download form the Citrix download site. This is an install on Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS. It installs an authentication service and a store service. The authentication service is validating logons at a Citrix xml service on XenApp or XenDesktop. The store service is collecting available apps, also via a Citrix xml service on XenApp or XenDesktop. So you don’t need the Citrix Services site of Web Interface anymore. Obviously this new framework is created to offer more types of apps than just Citrix apps as you can see in the picture below.

You can also see that the name Dazzle had disappeared and is just called Receiver.

Everything works just fine when I am connected to my LAN. But it is not possible to connect to your Citrix apps via a Secure Gateway or Access Gateway with just an ICA only connection. There is simply no configuration option to setup a connection through CSG or CAG. You have to setup a VPN connection with a Secure Access plug-in. This is a pity, because this also means you have to buy additional licenses. As you could read in one of my previous posts, the new Access Gateway 5.0 also doesn’t offer support for Windows Receivers without a VPN connection. So it looks like Citrix is pushing users to use expensive VPN licenses.

Maybe it all comes together in the next releases of Delivery Services, Access Gateway and Merchandising Server. But for now it looks like all those new solutions do not fit together yet.