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Upgrading XenDesktop 5 to SP1

This week, XenDesktop 5 SP1 was released. The most interesting improvement is support for XenServer 5.6 SP2 with IntelliCache. IntelliCache will reduce IOPS load on your storage with 90% according to Citrix. Because we are using XenServer, and want to use this new feature, the first step is to upgrade to XenDesktop 5 SP1.

Citrix NetScaler

This week I completed my first Citrix NetScaler project. Two different Citrix Access Gateway portals, both with different logon authentication methods. The first portal does Two-factor authentication (LDAP and RSA SecureId). RSA SecureID authentication is based on the build-in RSA Radius server, which runs on the local RSA Server. The second portal does LDAP… Read More »