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Export Historical Logon Data From XenDesktop to Excel

XenDesktop Director has some nice monitoring features to show historical information about user and machine details like sessions and logon duration. But what if you want this information to be exported? There is no built-in function in XenDesktop to accomplish this, nor in Director nor in Studio. However, the data can be easily extracted via… Read More »

Citrix Universal Print Client slows printing in Word

Recently I was building a new XenApp / XenDesktop 7.5 environment for a customer. The customer was complaining that when a user changed his printer in Word, the application stopped responding for about 30 seconds. Word showed a message in the bottom bar, “Connecting to printer, press ESC to cancel”. I did not see this… Read More »

Deploy XenApp servers with XenDesktop Machine Creation Services

Maybe you already experienced the simplicity of deploying XenDesktop virtual desktops with Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS). MCS has several advantages. You don’t have to prepare an image, just install a reference machine and shutdown. Updating is very simple, just power on the reference machine, install updates, shutdown and update MCS. The other advantage is… Read More »